Transformers: Matrix of Leadership Complete G1 DVD Set Details!

{mosimage} TVShowsOnDVD.Com has posted an exhaustive look at everything you will get when you buy Shout Factory's Transformers: Matrix of Leadership Complete Series DVD set!  The 16 DVD set, which will retail for $140, will include new interviews, concept art, a voice cast reuinion, archived Hasbro Toy Commercials, Public Service Anouncements, Fan Art, an Animated Fan Film, a 60 page collectable book, and absolutely spiffy packaging.  If that wasn't enough awesome, TransformersCollectorSet.Com has launched, showing off the packaging and, most exciting of all, putting the set up for Preorder!  Preorder the set at TransformersCollectorsSet.Com, and read all about the cool features and see a ton of images of the set at!