TFCon on Powered Commander Re-Release

{mosimage} TFCon has posted an apology to fans that bought a Powered Commander trailer at their convention thinking that it was to remain an exclusive:

We at TFcon wish to extend an apology to any attendees or fans who feel slighted by recent events concerning the release of a Henkei Commander Set. We at TFcon were unaware of any intention of FansProject to release the set (with or without changes), and had been informed that this colour scheme would be exclusive to our convention. We regret that this is not the case, and hope that the actions of FansProject will not reflect poorly on our show, as they are outside of our control.

Also, an image has been posted showing the differences in the new Powered Commander versus the TFCon version. There is the chrome, of course, and also the new one also seems to not include the Energon suitcase.

Click here for the original statement from TFCon and here for the new image of Powered Commander!