Second TFCon Statement on Powered Commander

{mosimage} Now that FansProject has had an opportunity to respond to fans' concerns about the Powered Commander set and its exclusivity to the TFCon convention, TFCon has updated its site with a new statement about the trailer:

While we at TFcon were never consulted by FansProject as to offering a deco similar to Powered Commander to others before they started production on their Henkei version, since becoming aware of the situation this week we have contacted FansProject to create a verbal agreement that can satisfy the Asian fans and the businesses that FansProject have already entered into arrangements with, while still protecting the exclusivity of our product and the interests of our attendees. Unfortunately, the original agreement with FansProject in place in regards to our exclusive was not met to the standard we expected, but we wish to thank FansProject for their willingness to alter their plans to try and satisfy the fans across the globe and wish them the best in their future offerings. 

They've also updated informing non-attendees that they can now purchase the convention-exclusive Alex Milne lithograph as well:  TFcon is now offering non-attendees a chance to own the Alex Milne TFcon 2009 Universe Divided Lithograph. Please email us for details.

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