ROTF Books and Video Games: Covers Revealed

{mosimage} Movie season is almost upon, as indicated by the massive amount of stuff you can preorder!  New covers have been revealed of all the astf games.  Check it out for XBox 360 , PS3 , PS2 , Wii , PSP , and Nintendo DS Autobots and Decepticons .  Remember, the PS3 and 360 versions have a bonus keychain available when you preorder them! also now has preorders and covers for a number of upcoming ROTF Books:  Target Exclusive Movie Adapation , ROTF Coloring Book (with crayons!), ROTF Movie Adaption , I Can Read Rise of the Decepticons , and Revenge of the Fallen Novel by Alan Dean Foster .  Revenge certainly is coming!  Thanks to TFW's Waveride for the heads up!