Quick Talk on “Revenge” from Kurtzman and Orci

{mosimage}It might be mostly focused on the new Star Trek movie, but Newsarama was able to get a couple responses regarding astf with screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Here's a snippet of the duo's answer:

Kurtzman: Certainly the movie is bigger, but that is definitely not how we thought about it. We feel like the action scenes in these movies are a given to some degree, but they always have to have a serious emotional context or they mean nothing. That means you have to have a small character story at the heart of whatever movie you’re making. For us, it was really coming up with an emotional story that we believed in and felt was sequel worthy.

Orci: And yes, it’s bigger. We have more resources for effects and some of the locations which are just gorgeous and amazing.

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