PerfectEffect Pics of TAW-01, and Hints of TAW-02, TAW-03, and TFN-01

{mosimage}PerfectEffect has posted a couple pictures of the final versions to their TAW-01 God Swords ("RiD"'s Matrix Blade's Japanese name in "Car Robots") variants, as well posted up a trio of teasers. TAW-02 looks like missile pods for the Classic/Henkei/Universe 2.0 Transformers, TAW-03 seems possibly the very same medical bed from 1986's Transformers: The Movie, and Primus-knows-what for whatever TFN-01 is.

Check them out at our gallery, or see the TAW-01 and TAW-02/03, TFN-01 courtesy of TFW.


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