M&M’s Transformers Press Release

{mosimage} astf has teamed up with M&M's and Snickers to bring flavors to your mouth that are more than meets the eye!  The summer promotion will feature, of course, anthropomorphic candies cosplaying as robots that turn into cars, a M&M's commercial directed by Michael Bay (to debut June 1st), Michael Bay becoming an M&M himself during the 'find your inner M' campaign, a 'digital scavenger hunt' featuring the 'Red' and 'Yellow' characters (begins May 19th), a Transformers/M&M themed car in the actual Nascar Races (Really), exclusive candy packaging featuring the CHOCL-O-BOTS and DELECT-O-CONS (Really), and of course, the Snickers NOUGABOT bar.  You can read the full press release at Buisnesswire.com !