Mike Shinoda Talks “New Divide”

{mosimage}Linkin Park member Mike Shinoda has several things to say about the band's astf song "New Divide" in an interview with the Linkin Park Times.

"Michael [Bay] is not fond of showing parts of the movie unfinished and out of context. I totally get it; I hate playing anyone our rough songs before each one is done, out of the context of the album. But he knew it would give us the best shot at trying to capture some of the emotions in the movie, so we did it. After we wrote 'New Divide,' we met with (Oscar-winning composer) Hans Zimmer and (composer) Steve Jablonsky, and they asked if we would help incorporate various themes from our song into the film. The musical themes ended up being placed in a lot of important scenes in the film. I'd tell you which scenes, but I don't want to give away the story."

An accompanying video will be directed by LP DJ Joe Hahn, debuting around the same time as the single's release, although Shinoda wasn't all that forthcoming on the video's details.

"[Hahn's] planning on using a lot of really interesting cutting-edge visual techniques, blurring the line between our performance and some kind of digital/mechanical reality. I'm not really sure–he's either being secretive about it, or it's way over my head, so he's just skipping the explanation."

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