Madman Complete Series DVDs

{mosimage} For those fans down under, Madman will be releasing several complete series DVDs for the different Transformers series. Starting from the beginning, the G1 Complete Series box set will be receiving a re-release. It will come in a Decepticon tin, and have the following extras: 16 page booklet: An exclusive comic by Simon Furman, Interviews: With key figures from Transformer's 25 year history, Animated Public Service Announcements, Historical trailers and Television commercials, Scripts & storyboards, Interview and commentary: With Voice Director Wally Burr. The set will be released June 24th, and retail for $99.95 AUD.

Next up is the Complete Japanese G1 Box Set . This set will contain Headmasters, Masterforce and Victory, as well as the Zone episode. The extras for this set are: Introductory Booklets with Episode Guides, Toy, Tech Spec and Character Art Galleries, Japanese Toy Ads and Catalogues, DVD ROM Content – The Story Continued in Manga.This set will also be $99.95 AUD and released June 24th.

The third DVD set is the complete collection of Beast Wars ! It'll have all three seasons of the show as well as: World Exclusive Creator Commentaries and interviews: Cast and crew including Story editors, voice actors, writers, directors and animators, Episode guide booklets with comic inserts and essays, Character profiles, Toy Galleries and Commercials, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Animatics and 3D Test shots, Making of BEAST WARS documentary, David Kaye (Megatron) and Garry Chalk (Optimus) Convention Panels. Like the first two, the release date is June 24th, and the price is $99.95.

Lastly, there's the 1986 Transformers Movie on Blu Ray . It'll come with Remastered High Definition Transfer, "Scramble City" movie tie-in bonus episode, Interview with Story Consultant Flint Dille, Q&A with voice of Optimus, Peter Cullen, 80's toy TVCs, TV spots and theatrical trailer, The Touch film-clip (by Stan Bush), Character, voice-actor and musician biographies, Bonus episode of TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS.It'll be joining the other releases on June 24th, and will retail for $34.95.