King Michael the Awesome on ROTF, Budget, and Barely Making It To Theaters, and Tom Kenny!

{mosimage} The Great Bay has once again blessed the internet with his explosive (get it?) presence, giving another interview on the status of astf.  He's STILL working Round-The-Clock on the film, and he states plainly that "This one is going to barely make it to theaters.  You have no idea how complicated my life is."  That we don't, oh meistro of the exploding arts!  He also comments on ROTF budget – a flat 200 Million, and how he finds most, more expensive Hollywood sequels wasteful – the awesome-mator won't bother with second units, he insists on doing it all personally.  Finally, the article confirms that Tom Kenny – Spongebob Squarepants and Animated Starscream – is voicing a Transformer for the sequel!  For more enlightenment from the Lord of the Explosions, read the full article at! Or read the original at the LA Times!