IDW Signing at BotCon 2009

{mosimage}Editor Denton J. Tipton has posted a signing schedule for the weekend of BotCon 2009 at the IDW booth!

  • Friday
    2-3pm: Milne, Mowry, Matere, and Griffith
    4-5pm: Roche, Coller, Lafuente, Musso
  • Saturday
    11am-12pm: Roche, Burcham, Coller, Costa
    1-2pm: Milne Musso, Griffith, Mowry
  • Sunday
    11am-12pm: Roche, Musso, Lafuente, Coller
    1-2pm: Matere, Griffith, Milne, Mowry

Thanks to Denton's blog entry!