Glenn Morshower Talks “ROTF”

{mosimage}We know about Shia LaBeouf. We've heard from Tyrese Gibson. We even heard about John Turturro! But Glenn Morshower, who played Colonel Sharp during the ill-fated SOCCENT base attack by Blackout in the first film, is back for astf but as a different character! Eric Goldman of IGN was able to catch up with the actor for the Season 7 finale screening of FOX's TV series "24" and here's what Morshower has to say:

"You know, I did the first one and a lot of people died and we were part of the team that was killed. But even though a lot of people died, that didn't seem to bother them. They wanted to bring me back. And then Michael Bay said, 'Well, you'll be playing a completely different character. But don't tell me now if you want to do it [yet]. I'm going to send you the script.'"

"He sent it to me and I looked at the name of the character… The name of the character is General Morshower. He named the character my name."

As for Morshower's opinion of the 30 minutes of Revenge footage he saw? "It's tremendous! You will love it. I think it's even better than the first."

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