Forget Revenge: This Summer is the Fall of Man!

{mosimage} Because of the astounding success of their first venture, the crew of the original genius direct-to-video blockbuster, Transmorphers, has returned for they're new sure-fire hit, Transmorphers: The Fall Of Man!   Not satisfied with ripping off competing with one giant robot movie, they've outdone themselves by taking on TWO giant robot movies!  Neither Terminator Salvation nor Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen can hold a candle to the shoddy KO elaborately creative Transmorphers: The Fall Of Man , which is set as a prequel to the original Transmorphers.  The evil Transmorphers attack earth, and a small band of humans must go underground to stop them.  This certainly doesn't sound like any other mega-blockbusters this summer!  You have to see it to believe it!  For production info and to preorder the film, due on shelves June 30th, which is in no way related to the release date of a different robot movie, check out the Asylum Webpage !