Devastator Melts ILM Animators Computer – Nick Magazine ROTF Article

{mosimage} astf is making all the rounds in every magazine you can think of!  This time, Nick Magazine scored an interview with ILM animator Shawn Kelly!  TFW's Dinobot Nuva has the interview, which includes this wonderful tidbit:

 Says Shawn, "Devastator is easily the most complicated character we've ever done because of his size, which is absolutely gigantic. Just trying to figure out how he might form into this giant thing and then walk around was a huge challenge." Animating Devastator required so much computing power that one artist's computer overheated and its insides melted!

Yes, that's right.  Devastator melted an ILM computer.  I beleive that's Michael Bay's brand of awesome.  Check out a scan of the interview over at TFW !


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