Dengeki Hobby July 2009 Scans

{mosimage}CyberGundam Blog has three new scans from the July issue of Dengeki Hobby! Said pages covers Alternity Megatron, with a a quick blurb on the associated chief designer, Jouji Yanaka; the Device Label crew, two different types of jeans for both factions from Japan-based clothes designer Edwin that won't be released until June and each pair goes for 15750 Yen (about $160 USD). Also, the War Within Titanium trio containing Optimus, Hot Zone, and Thrust, and Encore Combaticons and Encore Cassettes (Steeljaw, Ramhorn, Ratbat, and Slugfest)!

Take a gander at them at CyberGundam Blog's entry, or see them mirrored at our gallery!