Clear-up on G1 DVD 25th Anniversary Matrix of Leadership Edition Set Box Art

{mosimage}The box art originally shown at is said to be placeholder art, according to TV Shows on According to Brian Ward, producer for this release, the image is close but not exactly:

The image in that placeholder on the collectors set page is close, but not entirely accurate. I believe it was taken from a version that was 90% finished. We added a couple of details, particularly to the background.

For those disappointed that it wasn't a fully-functioning Matrix, I have to say I understand your disappointment, but I assure you we looked into it and there was simply no way of making it work without risking damaging the discs inside. This, however, was a reasonable compromise. And you're not even seeing it open here. Trust me, it's a cool box.

Read TV Shows on DVD's article and see Brian's post (scroll down to 5/17/09 4:09pm post) regarding the box art.