Botcon: Orci and Kurtzman ROTF Writers Panel

{mosimage} astf writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman attended Botcon, and the Allsparks own ChessPieceFace was there to see it!  The Transformers Movie Writers Panel has now ended, and here's ChessPieceFace's report!  Click 'Read More ' to check out the writers answers to questions, and be sure to stay tuned to the Allspark for more info from Botcon!

Here's ChessPieceFace's write-up on the panel:

Orci and Kurztman wrote a 20 page outline two weeks before strike, then afterwards Michael Bay locked them in a hotel room 5 blocks from his office to finish, popping in constantly.   There were massive room service bills. Four months later, the script was done and they were shooting.

There will be more robot screen time, more mythology, but it will still be just as funny and crazy

For 3rd movie, Megatron vs. Enterprise. (kidding, of course)

Lots of questions about how awesome Shia is. "Shia's nice. He hurt his hand. He ran a lot."

Originally they wanted Soundwave, Ravage, and Arcee in TF1.

For TF2, Michael created some characters, Hasbro suggested others, and some were put in for story or gags they thought of.

Q: Has Hasbro ever dictated stuff a character needs to do, so they can sell a toy?  A:  No. Hasbro's awesome. They showed them the history, and said "pick what you want."  They'd show them some ideas, but they'd only use what they thought was cool.

Q:  How do you deal with criticism of the first movie?   A: They tried to take it into account for sequel, now they're coming off success, the tech's better, and there's more freedom – but you can't please everybody.

Q:  Is the character named Demolishor or Scavenger?  A: Can't answer, but there's a reason why there's 2 different names.

Q:  Will Primus or Unicron be in TF3?  A:  Dunno, maybe.

Q:  Will we see what happened to Dispensor or the XBox360? A:  You might figure it out, but you won't see them married with kids.

Q:  Is Michael Bay crazy? A:  Half – he uses it to get what he wants, partially an act.

Q:  Tell us about the films new third writer, Ehren Kruger? A:  He was a big TF fan, impressive, cool. It was good to have a new perspective.

Q:  Would you write a Beast Wars movie? A:  Maybe.

Q:  Is Nimoy talking to Bay? A:  They don't know.

Q:  Will we see the Matrix or the Quintessons in the movie? A:  "Great question."(This one received applause)

Q:  Why is Sideswipe not a Lambo? Where's Sunstreaker? A:  Bay has all the say about cars. He loves cars. The script had him as a Lambo.

Q:  Who designed the faces of the twins? A:  A Bay designer along with Hasbro designers. Since they were new and funny, they gave them weird physical appearances. It was driven by the studio. Bay just thinks those guys are so funny!

Q:  How much offscreen backstory did you think about? A:  We thought about science, parallel evolution. We tried not to drown the movie in technobabble, but we love that stuff.

Q:  Do we get backstory on how stuff combines, on what happens to their minds, etc? A:  Nah.  Michael wanted it to just happen.

Q:  How do you manage all the chars and storylines?  A:  We try to figure out the big stuff, unanswered questions from TF1, and find the story.  We do actually read the comics, and sometimes one panel can be a great inspiration.

(Tossed out bits in response to blurted out questions)  A: "There's less criticism from boards for TF2", "Bay's a target"

Q:  Did the studio reluctance to have them talk make Bumblebee talk through the radio?  A:  No that can from ET, and they wanted the first robot to speak to be Prime. Their sense is that people like the radio speak.

Q:  Was Bumblebee's face purposefully more human? A:  Yup.

Q:  Blackout vs. Grindor?  A:  Spoiler material, can't answer.

Q:  More Soundwave tapes?  A:  There is something new in that category, not one you know.

(Question about reanimating TFs). A:  That's a big part of what the 'cons have to figure out.

Q:  Why Jetfire's cane?  A:  He's old.

The Session Ended on that Question.  Thanks again to ChessPieceFace!