Botcon Day 2: Surprise ROTF Clip!

{mosimage} A bunch of Transformers Fans are feeling immensely immersed in Michael Bay Brand Awesome!  At the Paramount Party, a number of guests arrived, including Peter Cullen, Stan Bush, Vince DiCola and Ironhide (the truck was on display), but then Tyrese showed up in Ratchet as well!  And then, the great Awesomator himself, Michael Bay, showed the enthusiastic audience 5 minutes of astf!  Our own Powered Convoy was there, so beware of spoilers and click 'read more' for his write up!

 Just got back from Paramount.

Not only did we get Peter Cullen, Stan Bush, Vince DaCola, as Special Guests. But Tyrese Gibson made an appearance, showing up in Movie Ratchet (Movie Ironhide was also on display).

After listening to Stan Bush & Vince DiCola, we were taken to a Paramount screening theater were the one the only Michael Bay showed us 5 minutes (or so) of the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Movie.


The first scene featured Agent Simmons (and Sam's college roomate) witnessing the Constructicons form Devastator! Their were mechanical tentacles that would grab individual robots to combine Devastator.

The second scene was of a battle of Bumblebee, the red Constructicon, and Ravage. Lets say the Decepticons didn't fair well. There was also a very emotional scene with Sam & Ron Witwicky.