BotCon 2009 Prints From Some of IDW Crew

{mosimage}Following alongside Alex Milne, Marcelo Matere and Casey Coller has also joined in with some prints that'll be showing up at BotCon 2009! From Matere, his display is that of Animated Optimus Prime with his flight pack, the Magnus Hammer, and the collected AllSpark fragments in a familiar object hanging in a certain way, alongside Animated Wasp and Waspinator (you'll see)! From Coller, he's joined up with fellow IDW guest Joana Lafuente on creating a familiar human-Autobot pair: Jazz and Marissa Faireborn (of Dreamwave era)! To sweeten the deal, the original lineart of Jazz and Marissa will be raffled off at BotCon (MUST BE PRESENT to participate), and all proceeds will go to Andrew Wildman's "Draw the World Together" charity.

Check Matere's Optimus and Wasp/Waspinator, Coller's lines for Jazz and Marissa, and at TF Mosaic for the colored version as colored by Lafuente!