BotCon 2009 Guests: Wise, Dille, Malek, Davids

{mosimage}More guests on the BotCon 2009 list, this time of the old school variety! David Wise, writer for 15 episodes from G1, especially the fourth season's finale "The Rebirth". Flint Dille was script consultant for seasons 1-3 of the original cartoon, as well writer for the episodes "Prime Target", "Five Faces of Darkness", and consultant for 1986's Transformers: The Movie. Bryce Malek wrote "Transport to Oblivion" and "A Prime Problem", not to mention working on the story-editing sessions for the first 2 seasons. And finally Paul Davids, who gave us "Cosmic Rust", "Chaos", "Thief in the Night", and "Grimlock's New Brain"!

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