Botcon 2009 Day 1 Roundup and Gallery


Day 1 of Botcon has come to an end.  In addition to the official end of Transformers Animated the Animated panel showed off a number of Animated shorts, two of which have never been seen before – one about Starscream daydreaming about his eventual conquest, the other about Blitzwing losing control.  Also, a number of new and rare toys were seen on the floor!  In the ROTF section, there are a number of new Legends figures, including the Fallen, Twins, and repaints of Ironhide, Bumblebee and Brawl as Tankor!  A new basic was shown – Nightbeat, the blue Autobot repaint of Dead End (Or is it Detour?)  Also on the floor are a few new Universe Ultra Repaints.  Walmart exclusives, they have Powerglide in a more classic colorscheme, Onslaught as Hardhead, and Silverbolt as G2 Skyjack (although, apparently renamed "Skyfall", to stay PC)!   As for Animated, 'Freeway' Jazz and Electrostatic Soundwave are due for release soon, as are Activators Soundwave and 'Fireblast' Grimlock.  And finally, one of the mythical Transformer Holy Grails himself was on display – the mythical prototype G1 Unicron!  Our own Nightviper and Powered Convoy were on the floor, and they took a lot of photos!  We've posted a full gallery here ! Stay tuned to the Allspark and our boards for more Botcon news tomorrow!