Interview with Kurtzman and Orci

{mosimage} were able to interview screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci on astf. Both talk about how they had resisted the notion of writing Revenge as much as they did on the first film. Kurtzman says how "the main characters were tested in a very fundamental way." On the first film, he mentions that no one "could've imagined what it would feel like seeing [the Transformers] exist in reality", yet they story suddenly becomes about how geniunely the robots interact with the government (such as protocols and secrecy required). Orci jokes "Where would you hide Optimus Prime" in regards to secret government meetings. The action sequences, Kurtzman continues, is "a synthesis of everyone's input", such as talking with Michael Bay. Another point is emphasized that with Transformers, it was a small town sense, where as in Revenge, it's international – case in point was them being the first film team actuallying shooting at and on the Giza Pyramids. And a whole lot more!

Watch the entire interview at YouTube.