Ark Addendum: “Save the Little Girl!” Prop and Locale

{mosimage}The AllSpark Almanac and The Complete Ark coming down the wire! Jim Sorenson says that he sent some late revisions to Hasbro on the Almanac and if things go well, it should be done. As for the Complete Ark, he's hoping be done before BotCon, which he'll be attending as a guest with the IDW crew.

For this Ark Addendum, the speedboat, Destron base exterior, volcano, and clinic that showed up in "Masterforce" episode 21 "Save the Little Girl!" That episode was Cab and Minerva attempting to save Copo, a friend of Cab's, by taking her to Viscas Island for treatment. Of course, the Destrons aren't going to make that mission easy.

See Jim's blog entry for the art and about both books at Disciples of Boltax!