TFCon 2009 Day 1 Round-Up

{mosimage} On display at Hasbro's booth: Leader Optimus Prime, Voyager Starscream (boxed), Bumblebee Helmet, Bumblebee Guantlet, Soundwave (carded), Preview Bumblebee, RPMS.

{mosimage}On display at FansProject: G3 trailer (prototype) Nemesis Commander, Powered Comander, City Commander, Mini Megs, Cliffjumper kit, Light up Matrix, Alternators/Binaltech Matrix and gun, hands and feet for Energon combiners, Design images of Protector (Rodimus) Trailer, Warbot: ???? (Broadside), Warbot: Collector (Wreck-Gar), Warbot: Defender (Springer), TFX-Salutation Glacialbot (new Combiner), TFX- Salutation Glacialbot: Mammoth (combiner member).

From the Hasbro panel:
More RPMs characters other than Movie characters (yay!)
Supreme Devastator's vehicles are Leader, Ultra, Voyager, Voyager, Deluxe and Deluxe scale ("Demolishor" was named "Scavenger")
Devastator was said to have "another mode" when combined. No word on what that might be.
Superion will be a Zellers exclusive in Canada (Bruticus not mentioned) to be released late June (around movie).
Preview wave due out around May 15th

Derrick Wyatt Panel:
He didn't want to reveal the name for female Starscream clone (he wasn't sure if he could), however when someone yelled out "Slipstream" he replied "someone said it". It's unclear if that was the name he was referring to specifically as there was a volley of names yelled out as suggestions at once. It is NOT Nightbird, Dirge, Laserbeak, Laserwave…
Rodimus possibly back in season three, but background only (no Judd Nelson to do the voice)
More female characters, but not main roles, essentially background characters (not Flip-Sides)
Grandus, one of the characters that Wyatt wanted to get into the show, will be in an episode.
Beachcomber's appearance was cut (apparently the character was one Wyatt doesn't care for, and was treated REALLY badly)
Angry Archer was cut from "Human Error" due to time constraints and Hasbro's desire for a focus on Decepticon enemies this season.

From FansProject:
Mini Megs accessory is now essentially canceled
May make an accessory pack for City Commander featuring accessories from the other sets if there is retailer demand.
They're looking to make their own stories, and own characters. Warbot: ??? is one of these…it just happens to share a resemblance to Broadside
They would like to continue making limbs for the Glacialbot combiner. Possible ideas: Vampires and movie monsters. Current designs: cave bear, woolly rhino (another looks like a sabertooth, but wasn't mentioned specifically). The first batch of ice age combiner characters would be released as a set; the following characters released as add-on figures.
Expect Rodimus by the end of the year, Spring and Wreck-Gar first quarter next.

You can see a few images of FanProjects' booth in the gallery here.