Spotlight Drift Lines and Defiance #4 Pencils

{mosimage}Casey Coller has been slowing posting the lines-only versions to the first 5 pages of "Spotlight Drift" at his DeviantArt gallery, showing how the people and surroundings look like before Joana Lafuente applied her colors to it. There have been some questioning regarding Drift's disguise, but Casey has a good explanation for it. Dan Khanna has put up two pencils-only pages of Defiance #4 for Revenge of the Fallen up at his DA gallery, before all Pit breaks loose between both sides.

Check at Casey's gallery for pages 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, and page 5 from "Spotlight Drift", here for a behind-the-scenes reason for Drfit's disguise at the IDW board; and Dan's gallery for the first page and second page from "Defiance #4". Both issues hit shelves Wednesday, April 8, 2009!