ROTF Voyager Megatron In Box Images

{mosimage} Yizhi521 has posted a couple images of the upcoming Voyager Megatron from astf, only this time he's in his box! Now we can get a little bit more background information on just what the big bad is doing in the movie this time around!

Click here to see the images, and then see a transcription of the bio here.

Trapped in the black, crushing depths of the sea, his mind inert in the grip of stasis lock, Megatron knew nothing of the desperate search mounted for his remains by the other Decepticons. When he was finally brought back online, their effort and sacrifice meant little to him. The only thing that had any meaning was revenge. He would have his vengeance against the human boy who cheated him of his prize, and he swore to celebrate over the smoking wreck of Optimus Prime.