ROTF Merchandise By The Truckload

{mosimage}They'll HAVE to give Optimus a trailer to cart all this stuff around!  Want to show people you like astf? Well, it's time to take your pick, and clear out your wallet! TM2 D-Bot over at TFW has found, well, just about every darn nicknack you could ever want, plastered with your favorite robots. You can get some Robot Busts, Keychain Figurines, Dog Tags, More Keychains, Commerative Coins, and projector keychains. If that isn't enough useless junk to clutter your closet, how about some bobbleheads of Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron? And if your room isn't yet cluttered enough to be a honerary district of Junkion, Bumblebee and Prime Voice Changing Helmets! And then top it off with a giant sized Ultimate Bumblebee!  But if G1's merchandise is more your style, here's new pics of the BTS Classics Trailer, coming in for Optimus Prime, or Nemesis Prime. Hope you have lots of space!