PerfectEffect The Another War God Sword Pre-Orders

{mosimage}Looking to accessorize your Classics Optimus Prime/Henkei Convoy, City Commander Ultra Magnus, and Classics Nemesis Prime? Hit up Robot Kingdom for the pre-orders listings for the swords to go with those three! TAW-01 can go with Classics Optimus and/or Henkei Convoy, blue its main scheme. Red, TAW-01B, fits sharply with Nemesis. And TAW-01S can be dealt by City Commander Ultra Magnus. The sword(s) can be separated to form a smaller sword and shield, as well allow a "Flying Wing Mode" on Prime/Convoy plus missiles. Tentative schedule for release is June.

TAW-01 blue here, listing for TAW-01B red , and TAW-01S here at Robot Kingdom.