Michael, Tyrese, and Shia at Los Angeles Screening

{mosimage}Those lucky enough to be at the Los Angeles screening of Transformers and astf's newest trailer on April 29 were treated to quick appearances of Michael Bay, Tyrese Gibson, and Shia LaBeouf in the IMAX theater at the Promenade in the Howard Hughes Center! Entertainment Tonight was able to catch up with the trio and when LaBeouf was asked about the anticipation for Revenge:

"It's escapism. The movie is not overtly complicated. It wasn't built for extreme pontification or self exploration. It's built for fun and enjoyment and escapism. It's the only movie that I've ever been a part of where you can drive down the street and literally see decals of your movies on other cars."

Tyrese had this to say:

"…the first round we were just hoping that … the audience would show up and enjoy and appreciate it. The second round, it became more of a responsibility to make it special. Because we know people are showing up to see what we did for the second film, so I felt like we delivered."

Check the video out here at Entertainment Tonight!