Ligier’s Rebirth Manga (Henkei! Henkei! Special Comic)

{mosimage}Courtesy of Hydra's TF Pulp, the Henkei! Henkei! Special Comic "Ligier's Rebirth" from "Transformers Generations 2009" volume 1 has been translated for your reading pleasure! Instead of Naoto Tsushima, artist of "The Stargate Battles" and current Henkei! manga, doing a Henkei! story here, it's Yoshioka Hidetsugu of the Japanese Generation 2 story pages and pack-in comics! "Ligier's Rebirth" sets up with very familiar Decepticon where the Henkei characters – Ligier (Mirage), Ironhide, and Octone (Octane) – don't seem to recognize!

Read the manga right here at Hydra's TF Pulp, and drop your thoughts at our ever continuing discussion thread!


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