Jeff Bennett Interview on Newsarama; Bad News for Animated?

{mosimage} Speculations abound when it comes to the future of the Transformers Animated TV show and toy line….And now comes another log to add to the fire. Maybe. In a interview, voice actor Jeff Bennett (Animated Prowl) talks about his various roles throughout the years and the many colleagues he had the opportunity to work with. Unfortunately for Animated fans, he also throws in a line that possibly suggests the end of the cartoon is near:

The three young gargoyles were Bill Fagerbakke, Tommy Adcox and myself. Tom was Lexington. Corey Burton was also a Gargoyle, just not a main one. Bill is now Patrick on Spongebob and all of us got together again for Transformers, which sadly is not going to happen anymore.

Click here to read the entire interview, and then discuss it here. Thanks to Liege for the link.