Interview with Yamazaki Masahiko, Transformers Marketing Staff

{mosimage}An interview with Yamazaki Masahiko in "Transformers Generations 2009" volume 1 takes a look back from the launch of the live-action movie's universe to the present from TakaraTomy's side. Compared to Western markets, Japan is a bit trickier on movie merchandise, and the team also had their own worries about moviegoers who might still be "G1 generation," but it seemed to bring both adults and kids closer. Masahiko notes that with the collaboration, the term "Transformers" has become more knowledgeable in the business world – in the past, they had to explain what Transformers even was! Masahiko talks about the conception of Alternity, how Disney Label came up, Henkei! coming out after the movie, and more!

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