Fix For Target Purple Animated Shockwave’s Floppy Neck?

{mosimage} Those that have gotten the purple Animated Shockwave toy from Target may have noticed that his neck is a tad on the loose side, causing his head to droop instead of looking forward. Galvaplex MPH may have your solution to this problem!

On the right side of Shockwave's neck (his right, not yours) where the head of the big pin connecting his neck to his body is visible, simply put a single drop of superglue on the pin head and, leaving Shocky on his left side, the glue will dribble into the little hole the pin is in. About a half hour later, begin moving the neck and it will be nice and stiff.

Click here to see the original post, and to share your result with the fix. We do warn to be careful with this fix, since it does involve super glue around a joint. That can easily get out of hand!