FansProject Classics G3 Trailer PreOrder at BBTS

{mosimage}Allspark sponsor BigBadToyStore has the preorder listing up for FansProject's Classics G3 Trailer and accessory pack that can be attached to Classics Optimus (or Henkei Convoy). From the listing's description:

Roller is included, and the repair bay machine can reconfigure into an attack base as well. Included are a number of accessories for Classics characters who were produced without them – Mirage and Sideswipe get their shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, Hound gets his machine gun for jeep mode, Grimlock gets his Energo sword, and even Bumblebee gets a blaster. These new weapons and Optimus' old ones all peg into the interior of the trailer for easy storage. The trailer can accomodate a Deluxe-sized vehicle for transport, and also comes with a hidden dolly attachment, that can be used to pull City Commander, Shadow Commander and other trailers, a la God Ginrai with Godbomber.

Check the preorder listing out at BBTS!


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