Bloggers Unite–Celebrate The 25th Anniversary of Transformers on May 8th

{mosimage} Allspark member G.B. Blackrock is organizing an event designed for bloggers everywhere to show off their love of the Transformers brand next month.

A lot of us have blogs. Some are explicitly Transformers related, but others are just personal. I'm proposing that Transformers fans that blog get together and each post an entry on May 8, 2009 celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the franchise.
The choice of May 8, 2009 isn't entirely arbitrary. It is the date that issue #1 of the Marvel Transformers comic was released. This was the first time that Transformers product was made available to the public. (Going by the date of Hasbro's unveiling of the concept or the first airdate of a commercial would be harder to pin down to a specific date)

Click here to read more about and discuss this gathering of the fans, and then check out the site dedicated to the event here!