Animated and New Cartoon News from Hasbro/Discovery Media Call

{mosimage} The conference call with Brian Goldner and Dava Zaslav has come and gone, but it left us with some interesting tidbits about Transformers and its cartoons. First off, Transformers Animated will likely not air on the new Hasbro/Discovery channel. Cartoon Network has exclusive rights to airing the show, and its continuation to air episodes is that network's decision. Secondly, Hasbro will be opening its library of shows up for the new network, which may include the old Transformers shows from the 80's and 90's. However, the main focus for Hasbro right now is for new programming, so the older programs will be limited. Lastly, Hasbro has a new iteration of Transformers that they have planned for the new Discovery Kids channel when the channel goes live next year!

Click here to download the webcast (the juicy stuff is at the end) and then discuss it here!