All Hailing Coda – #13-16

{mosimage}IDW editor-in-chief Chris Ryall has updated his blog with news on AHM Coda. Numbered as #13 to #16, each issue consists of two 11-page stories by various writers and artists. According to Ryall:

Each of these four issues will contain two 11-page stories by different creative teams–a couple of which will factor into future plans in a big way–and each of these stories either wraps up elements from Shane's 12-part story, sets up events for the future or delves into plot points that fans that early on were inconsistencies (meaning, Nick Roche will tell the story of how the Kup from his SPOTLIGHT issue became the cigar-chomping fighter in AHM).

A nice thing Ryall adds is that fan favorite Don Figueroa has done a cover for #13! Don't forget to also check out Trevor Hutchison's #13 variant at Ryall's blog entry, both covers featuring our favorite two red Autobots: Optimus Prime and Ironhide! Expect a press release in the future!