5-page Previews of All Hail Megatron #10 and Maximum Dinobots #5

{mosimage}Preview time! The fifth and closing chapter to Maximum Dinobots brings out the big guns, literally speaking. Shockwave is certainly going at it against Scorponok, while Grimlock is having "an accountable moment" (Snarl's words!) and Hot Rod's looking to give some payback of his own. Also, 2 issues to go in All Hail Megatron! In AHM #10, Megatron's plans are starting to show, and we find out how Hunter's "involvement" may have played into things, but there are still certain players not revealing all of their cards on the Decepticons' side. On the Autobots' table they're greaing up for an operation that has questionable chances of suceeding, and we learn from Ironhide a connection between Optimus and a certain object.

Check the 5-page previews out at Comics Continuum! Both hit shelves alongside the reprint of Transformers Armada Vol. 3 next week April 15, 2009!