Transformers G1 Complete 1st Season Possibly Re-Released in US

{mosimage}For those of us that can't or don't want to pick up the earlier releases of the original 1984 cartoon "The Transformers" (AKA Transformers G1), may have some good news! They've found a WalMart pre-order listing for the complete 1st season box set (with the original 3-part pilot "More Than Meets The Eye") set to be released June 16th, 8 days before Revenge of the Fallen. Universal Music and Video Distribution, better known as Vivendi Entertainment, is the studio listed as the distributor. But don't hold your breath yet, as the listing at WalMart might not be entirely 100% finalized and things are subject to change, such as price currently set at $29.99 USD.

Roll For It over to to check out the original article and the temporary art work for the box set, and here for the WalMart pre-order listing! Drop your thoughts off at NightViper's thread!