TF Pulp Update: E-Hobby Yoshioka Manga With Gadep, Black Megatron, & Sunstorm

{mosimage}Here's one from E-Hobby with a story for the black Megatron (the first E-Hobby exclusive AND is a Transmetal)! Compared to Sunstorm, Starscream's crazed/egocentric/psychotic/sadistic clone/brother, who had a backstory in Dreamwave's writing and in his pack-in comic, the black Megatron never did. And thus, Hidetsugu Yoshioka gives a story to him, on why Megatron's black here. Gadep, AKA Guardian robots, are big lugs that don't have much of a will and unlike Omega Supreme, they're just doing their job of getting rid of intruders.

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