TF Generations 2009 Interview with Henkei Staff Translated

{mosimage}TFW's SydneyY has translated an interview with several staff members from the Henkei team, that of Takashi Kunihiro, Takio Ejima, and Hisashi Yuki (names in Western format) from the mook, a portmanteau of "magazine" and "book", "Transformers Generations 2009". Kunihiro joined the company back in 1984 as a member of the "2010" staff and alongside Transformers, has worked on some of Sunrise's Brave series such as "GaoGaiGar" and "Fighbird". His TF credentials would include Hot Rodimus, Sixshot, Star Saber, Lio Kaiser, and Tako Tank, to name a few. Ejima pretty much created the entire Euroepan line of Transformers after Beast Wars and had worked on Super Link, Energon in the Western world. Yuki has also worked on several Brave series, "GaoGaiGar" as one, and for his TF creations: Lio Convoy, Big Convoy, and Fire Convoy (RiD Optimus).

The interview ranges from the reason why the lack of gimmicks in the Henkei line, development of Convoy (Optimus) and Megatron, and challenges on G1 homages yet changing the transformations (such as Grimlock and Galvatron).

Check out the interview at TFW2005!