Stan Bush Soon “Touching” Fans

{mosimage}Not that way. Courtesy of Seibertron, said musician's "The Touch" is showing up in Activision's "Guitar Hero", which will be downloadable but no word on release date yet – Bush will be contacting Activision to find out. If that wasn't enough for music lovers, he should be showing up at BotCon '09 with his band to perform on May 30th! Film-wise with Revenge of the Fallen, Bush's finally done with a "killer version" of "The Touch" that he'll be submiting in for the movie.

Hasbro is releasing two new TF2 toys in May containing "The Touch"! It looks like I'll be performing at BOTCON 09 here in L.A. on May 30th with my band. (I should get confirmation this week.) Also, I'll be appearing/ performing at JACON (Japanese Anime Convention) in Orlando Memorial Day weekend (May 22-23).

Lastly, we're just finishing up a totally new, killer version of "The Touch" which we'll be submitting for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. I'll send you an MP3 as soon as it's done.

Read his email to Seibertron here, and check out a YouTube video he made as a tribute for the troops.