Out, Damned Spotlights! Out I say! Metroplex and Cliffjumper Covers

{mosimage}"One; two: why, then 'tis time to do't." Ahem. IDW editor-in-chief Chris Ryall has updated his blog with the covers to Spotlights Metroplex and Cliffjumper. Compared to the Metroplex in Season 3 of G1, "The Headmasters", and Transformers: The Movie, this one seems to be a MUCH more torqued off City-former, what with Sixshot and a couple Autobots clambering about him. No way a single-page cover is going to do the big guy justice, so Marcelo Matere (Spotlights Soundwave, Grimlock) has provided a wraparound. Story duties is handled by Andy Schmidt (Robot Heroes). Cliffjumper has two covers for his Spotlight: the already revealed variant by Robby Musso (Spotlights Ultra Magnus, Ramjet), and a new one by Casey Coller (Spotlight Blurr), although Coller's is currently lines only.

Stomp your way to check it out at Ryall's blog, and sound off here!


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