Optimus “Making a Dime” for Charity

{mosimage}That is, artist Andrew Wildman making a sketch of the Autobot leader for "March of Dimes", a charity sketch event that helps give babies a healthy start at life.

Last year I was asked to do a sketch for 'March of Dimes'. It is a charity sketching event to raise money for the March of Dimes campaign that raises money to give babies a healthy start in life. All info can be found on their site. The sketching event was put together by Stephen Frank who has a personal interest in the project. Inevitably I was asked to do a picture of Optimus Prime. To check out all the other sketchcards done take a look at the Flickr site. There is some amazing work there.

Check out the sketch Wildman drew at his blog, and check out the organization's main site.