Henkei Pack-In Manga #11 Images and Summary

{mosimage}Have you been following the Henkei pack-in mangas? Well then you may want to check out the latest issue that came with Henkei Dinobot and Hot Rod!

The Minibots teams are excavating in the desert, when they unearth an unconscious Hot Rod from the sands. As he lay there awakening from his slumber, the Minibot teams also uncover a seemingly offline Dinobot. However, as they inspect him further he springs to life! The now back online Hot Rod rushes to join the fight, and in doing so Powerlinxes with Jolt. The two combatants each show honor on the battlefield, which causes Dinobot to suggest that they team-up…with him as leader. Hot Rod instead offers that they become friends. They all then return to the Cybertron base, at which point Grimlock and Dinobot begin play fighting!

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