Hearts of Steel Optimus Seeing Mass Production?

{mosimage} Griffith, who brought us the custom Hearts of Steel Optimus garage kit, is teaming up with several others to form Master Mind Creation on creating custom figures of Transformers that never made it to the shelves, the first project being the HOS01 Hearts of Steel Optimus figure. Which pretty much means no more need to assemble it yourselves in the future! Here's what Griffith has to say:

I have recently been corresponding to a couple of like-minded investors and guys experienced in the processes of toy manufacturing and we've decided to form a team to put HOS01 into production and possibly other projects.

Master Mind Creation (MMC)'s goal is to create custom toys based on familiar TF characters that are never made into actual toys as well as original robot designs. And of course the first project announced is HOS01.

There will be a number of improvements and changes to be made to the original design especially in the joints. The actual price is unconfirmed at the moment. More details will be announced here as well as in the MMC blog.

Check out his blog's original entry, take a peek at MMC's blog, and drop your thoughts off at this Allspark thread!