Furman Triple Updates

{mosimage}Nope, he hasn't joined the choir invisible, nor is he nailed to his seat, much less pining for the fjords. Transformers comic scribe Simon Furman has a trio of updates from his blog! First up is about Titan's Animated comic, which is now part of Titan's core Transformers Universe comic:

Those new/original strips that were already in progress, in some form or another, when the UK Transformers Animated comic sadly bit the dust, have found a new home in Titan’s core Transformers Universe comic. So, as well as 11 pages of new alternate movie continuity strip, issues #23-25 will also contain UK-exclusive TF Animated strips: a whole 11 (extra!) pages of Transformers goodness!

Second is a quick writer's preview/thoughts on Maximum Dinobots #4, hitting shelves April 1:

…Maximum Dinobots #4 moves events along apace into the (5-issue) series’ searing, big-battle conclusion. Story threads extending back as far as Spotlight: Shockwave are pulled together as the Dynobots and their new allies, the Monsterbots, take the fight to Scorponok’s door (in the Machination compound in Dallas) and kick it in! Sounds straightforward, right? One last all-out tilt against Scorp’s Headmaster army, do or die. But Scorponok is not the only one with an agenda here.

Lastly, some teasing things, one of which is the AHM Coda:

…an Ironhide/Optimus Prime story in the first (I think) issue of All Hail Megatron: Coda, two (currently) top secret Spotlights (Transformers, naturally) for IDW, a trio of books (Rad RobotsTransformers: The Art of the Movies for Titan and Transformers: The Movie Universe for DK), volume 2 of Titan’s Transformers UK for Kyle Cathie,

Here for Titan Animated, here for Max Dinos #4, and here for the AHM Coda related!