Coda Writers on the Tease

{mosimage}For those that forgot, it's "All Hail Megatron: Coda" announced back at New York Comic Con 2009 , a 4-issue mini starting in July, each issue with two short stories from a variety of writers, including Simon Furman. Shane McCarthy (AHM, Spotlight Blurr) has teased in a response to his blog with:

I’ve just finished my script for Coda so I’m looking forward to what’s next.

While artist Nick Roche (Spotlight Kup) has this to say at his blog:

Working on the script to an issue of the upcoming Transformers: Coda in which I get to revisit Kup, the character I wrote for previously. Enjoying the process immensely so far, it’s a lovely change of tack from cramming in a million E.J. Su designed Headmaster TFs onto a single page.

Read McCarthy's blog entry with his response, Roche's blog entry, and thanks to Mort at the IDW boards for starting the piecing together!