Clean Covers to AHM #10 and Max Dinos #4 + Preview

{mosimage}Colorist Joana Lafuente has posted the clean and colored covers to two upcoming IDW Transformers titles at her DeviantArt Gallery! First is colors to the lines of All Hail Megatron #10 cover done and displayed by Casey Coller earlier! Second is a colored variant for Maximum Dinobots #4 by Nick Roche, involving Repugnus hanging onto Sludge, who looks ready to pound a Machination Headmaster flat.

Speaking of AHM and Dinobots, Comics Continuum has posted a 5-page preview to Max Dinos #4, where Soundwave is "appropriated", and Hot Rod is briefly reunited with Sunstreaker (along with Hunter). If you didn't like the previous preview of Spotlight Jazz, it's "gotten better".

See Repugnus acting like a cowboy, or the seeming dividng lines of the Decepticons (again)! Don't forget to check out Lafuente's other works! Scope out the incoming chaos that'll befall Dallas and Fallon, and another look at the Jazz-meister (here's the missing 5th page for MD #4, courtesy of artist Kris Carter at the IDW boards).