Classics Deluxe Optimus Prime (2006) Hard Copy Revealed in TF Generations

{mosimage}Back in the early days of 2006, when Transformers Classics was first announced rumors about the actual case assortments placed Optimus Prime at the Deluxe level rather than at the Voyager level.  A design sketch by artist Don Figueroa was revealed to confirm as much.  Thanks to Solscud007 we now have further confirmation of this version of Optimus Prime.  The recently released Transformers Generations mook (magazine-book) shows two images of the Deluxe Optimus Prime.  This version would have likely featured modified weapons as well as the different detailing throughout the toy.  As the images show, he is very similar to the Voyager version.

You can view the images and discuss the news in Bass X0's thread.